Appointment Page for Amaan Mohiuddin

Please select the appointment type that best suits your needs

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching;

In Academic Coaching, we can talk about tips and strategies to improve your overall academic skills such as ways to manage time, organize your projects, strategies on effective ways to take notes or study for exams. We are not limited to these topics and can discuss additional topics of your choosing that are related to your academics.

Duration: 45 minutes

Quantitative Skills Coaching

Quantitative Skills Coaching;

In Quantitative Skills coaching, we can talk about specific skills you would like support on in your Math and/or Science courses (i.e understanding Logs, working on dimensional analysis questions, etc) or general topics to strengthen your skills in Math and Science courses (i.e study skills).

Duration: 45 minutes

Progress Plan

Progress Plan;

Please pick this appointment type if you would like to discuss your progress plan. I encourage you to meet with your faculty advisor before our scheduled time.

Duration: 45 minutes



Select this meeting type if you are taking an underload (dropping to fewer than 3 units) for this semester.

Duration: 30 minutes

Tutor Support

Tutor Support;

Please use this option, if you are a tutor or a newly hired tutor and would like to discuss topics related to tutoring. Please add any details that would help me in assisting you in our meeting.

Duration: 30 minutes



Please select this appointment type if you are unsure of which appointment your needs fall into

Duration: 30 minutes

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